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Is it safe to put a newborn into a crib bed? It ...

Is it safe to put a newborn into a crib bed? It would seem too big to put a small baby into. When they can roll, is it possible for them to roll into the sides and be hurt?

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Our daughter went straight from the hospital to the crib. We swaddled her to help her feel secure in the large space and I put a bumper up. You really don't need a bassinet unless you want something smaller so you can have your child in the room with you which I definately did not want. I've heard too often they sleep better out of your room and so do you.

I used a pack and play at first but you can most definitely place baby in the crib from birth. You can get bumper pads to put around the sides of the crib to prevent them from getting hurt.

Cribs are often used for newborn babies. You just have to make sure that they have enough supporters. They do not have the capacity to roll around anywhere. Just make sure the crib mattress have stronger and firmer edges to prevent them from rolling over to the side of the crib. Also, make sure that the size of the crib mattress is the exact one for the crib. If there are gaps inside the mattress, your baby can easily get trapped inside.




I think thats the only place where he/she will feel comfortable.

And the cribs are made keeping in mind the safety of the baby with all the essential thing like bumpers and comfort mattress, and with accessories like musical mobile which helps in keeping the baby entertained.




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