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No birth is the best way to go first until you are able to offer a better life not off the government but yourself to the next born. And that becomes harder daily that is if you want quality of life not quanity of born. Today 1000 educated men and women line up for a sales cleark job in NYC and until the next generation can have it better then cleaning toilets and breaking a welfare system now at its breaking point well I say no birth.

Hi, Highlandspring! If you get a birthing center that your insurance will pay for, I would say "tes" based on the positive experiences related to me from others. Birthing centers (which you should check out carefully first to assure yourself of adequate staffing and good equipment) don't rely on traditional, 'hard delivery types of childbirth: it's been a known fact for years that the traditional "on your back, feet up and in the stirrups!" is one of the most difficult methods of birthing, creating more muscle stress as your body fights gravity to deliver the baby. It also decreases the body's natural 'anesthetic' effect as the baby's head crowns and the tissue below your birth canal stretches. A friend of mine checked out options including a birthing chair, which not only allows for relaxation but also utilizes gravity's effects to speed up the natural process of childbirth (often used in other countries), and also reclined warm-fluid childbirth; the baby is lifted above the fluid before it cries so that no fluid is taken into its lungs, and the warm, sterile fluid eases not only the trauma of transition for baby but apparently soothes the pain associated with the birth process in the mother as well. Since these alternatives are less than mainstream, however, you need to make certain any and all proceedures will be covered before you commit...and by the way, my friend did the reclining fluid birth and said the experience was great. God bless you today and help you make the very best decision for your circumstances!  :)

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Are hospitals the best place to give birth?
I ask you, where is the best place to give birth? What is best for you (the mother) and the unborn child? For some of you, the best place to give birth is a hospital. For others of you, your home is the best place. And the list goes on and on. 
Surely many will tell you what they think is the best place to give birth. But ultimately, it is your choice, your decision.  
If you are pregnant or are planning to get pregnant, you might do well to inspect the various hospitals, birthing and maternity centers, and/or clinics. Evaluate your needs and options. Think of where you would best like to give birth.
Babies are gentle beings that deserve the best care, whether it be at home with a certified midwife or a a hospital with a medical doctor. Then think of the birthing or maternity center, a sort of balanced atmosphere between home and the hospital. Think about your options, consult with your medical practitioner, and make an informed decision.
Remember, advice is very easy to dispense but far less easy to swallow. Let the choice be yours. You can listen to the advice of others but be careful. You deserve the best and your baby deserves the best. Remember the best products and services don’t always cost the most. 
So when it comes time for you to give birth, tell yourself you have chosen the best place for you and your baby. Then let the baby be delivered into a glowing ball of love—the world. (Asmuth) Answers From Above

What is the best way to give birth—for the baby? 

The woman should give birth in a loving, healing, and peaceful environment. The birthplace should not be filled with trauma. For birth can be a traumatic experience for the baby. All the comfort and security of the mother's womb it has known for nearly nine months. The comfort and security is stripped away. 

Upon birth, the baby is received into the light of the world. From darkness into light, a spirit is born. The protection of the mother's womb is gone. This is a whole new world.


During delivery, the woman should focus on images of paradise, love, and beauty to ease the pain. All of those present in the delivery room should surround the baby with love. The harmonious vibrations of love will be sensed by the baby. The rainbows of love and light will surround the baby. 

The memories of such a peaceful and loving entry into the world will forever be etched in his or her soul. (Shamani)


What would you say to new parents contemplating using a midwife for the birth of their child? 

The choice is completely yours. What can modern medicine do that a midwife can’t? Indeed if the truth be known, a trained midwife is as qualified as a trained physician. Medical miracles happen every day in homes, hospitals, and birthing centers.


But you (the parents) must ask yourselves, what is the best way for a woman to give birth? Birth can be easy or difficult. You (the woman) must decide where you feel most comfortable. But you must also remember to consider the baby’s needs. It would be best for you (the parents) to discuss a midwife assisted birth versus a physician assisted birth. In viewing both options, determine how your and your baby’s needs can best be met. 

Are you (the parents) willing to take an active role in the pregnancy and the delivery? If so, you might consider speaking to a midwife. However, if you are content with the birth of your baby in the hands of a physician, then speak to a physician. 

Advice is easy to give but far more difficult to accept. And if you accept the responsibility of creating and giving birth then you must take the advice of those you feel are qualified. Remember qualifications reach far beyond the diploma on a wall. Qualifications must be earned, not simply learned.


Take pride in your decision to learn about the differences between midwives and physicians. Listen to the voices of those who have chosen midwives for the birth of their babies. Other women and men can be the best references. And finally, educate yourselves by listening, reading books, watching films, and witnessing the birth of your own child. 

Think about this. If woman and man conceive a child together, then shouldn’t they receive the child together? Remember to consider what is best for you (the parents) and the baby, the child.


If you take an active role in the birth of your baby, then the choices are yours. If on the other hand, you don’t take an active role, then the choices are theirs. Midwives and physicians work together and each should advise you in terms of the best method of care for you and your baby.


If you could remember your birth, how would you like to have been delivered? Now ask your baby how he or she would like to be delivered. Then speak to a physician and a midwife and decide what’s best for you (mother, father, and baby). (Asmuth)


Are water births safe for the mother and baby? 

The magic of birth lies inside each and every one of us. To give birth (as in a child) or to be part of birth is a gift. Gifts must be given in order to be received. If you receive a gift, share the gift. And if you give a gift, then you have received a gift. 

So you ask, are water births safe for the mother and the baby? To be received into water is truly a blessing. A blessing not too many newborns receive. A gift from above, a baby’s life should always be given equal consideration as the mother’s life. Can I, Asmuth, say what is best for the mother and the baby? No, the mother, father, and baby must decide. 

In terms of safety, water births are a lot safer than the conventional methods of birthing in your country. Water is a familiar environment for a baby. What does the baby float in for an average of nine months? Water (fluid), of course. 

Look at the numbers of water births that have taken place over thousands of years. A warm soothing bath prepared to exact specifications, your specifications. Now as you enter the world for the first time, think of being received into a warm and loving environment. Do you as a baby feel more safe, more secure?


And mother, don’t you feel a lot of weight lifted off your pelvic area, your lower body?


Safety must always come first. Consider the various methods of birthing and decide which is safest for you and your baby. Then share your experiences so that others can benefit. 

Mother and baby, father and baby, and mother and father—safety in three. Help each other, love each other, and thank each other. I love you.  

(I love you is three words. In these three words, there is safety.) (Asmuth) Answers From Above

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