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My breasts feel more firm... does this mean i may be pregnant?

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Please don't rely on all kind of signs / signals / symptoms..... take a blood test (that's the best) and know for sure or use a home pregnancy test kit (2nd best) and know for sure.  "Firm breast" doesn't mean much.
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when i get angry or upset, i receive sharp pains feeling like cramps anywhere between 2/3 inches above my belly button to maybe 3 inches below. could this possibly mean i may be pregnant?

IAWTC.My breasts get sore every month and it's usually just pms.Stress and too much caffeine makes it soooo much worse.If your trying for a baby or hoping to be pregnant I hope you are,but sore boobs can't be your pregnancy test.Just pick up an EPT and let me know what you find out!

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but see here is the thing.. i dont rele drink coffee and i dnt like soda.. and im not rele ever under stress unless typical guy problems occur.

Hon it could be anything,and I'm not going to rule out pregnancy because it's definately a sign,but I wouldn't want you to get too worked up yet if a baby wasn't in your plans.Anything is possible.Going on/off the pill could screw with your hormones,an irregular sleep cycle wreaks havoc on the body as well.You may very well be pregnant,and if your instincts say you are they are most likely right.Don't know if this is good news or not but I strongly suggest an apt or a visit to the clinic for a blood test.Good luck sweetie!

MY inferiority complex isn't as good as YOURS

Usually breast soreness and nipple soreness is more of a sign of early pregnancy.  But no sign is really very reliable as they are very similar to premenstrual symptoms.  If you suspect you may be pregnant you should take a sensitive pregnancy test which you can take as early as the day your period is due.


Signs Of Ovulation 

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