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I am 41 years old and have missed my period for ...

I am 41 years old and have missed my period for the first time. No breast tenderness, vomiting...but have fullness in lower stomach, small low grade cramping and 2 negative test. Now I am 50 days late. I have never skipped a period or have been late. I have been married for 20 yrs with unprotected sex. I am going to wait till next week to see if next cycle will come, than go to MD. Could this part of menopausal. From childless

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The answer is yes (it can be part of menopausal) but it can be the other way round...   Please take a blood test 2B sure (more accurate and reliable than the home pregnancy test kits).  Above all, it's time 4U to set an appointment with your doctor.....
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It could be but you need to check things out with your doctor in order to be sure. I suggest you call your doctor sooner rather than later and simply tell him what's going on. he'll be able to give you some preliminary advice.

Well the average age for menopause as far as I am aware, is approx 51 years of age, so it would be an early menopause for you if this is what it is.

If you have been undergoing treatment for infertility, this can play havoc with one's hormones AND cycles, making you think you are pregnant when you aren't and not pregnant when you are!

It's impossible to say, so I am pleased you are going to see the MD and I would go ASAP.  If he cannot detect anything on scan, ask him to give you some blood tests to check for early menopausal symptoms and/or pregnancy anyway to be absolutely sure.  Most likely, he will do so anyway.

I'm also 41 and 40 days late - never missed a period before.  I also took three pregnancy test and they all showed negative.  I just made an appt. to get blood work done.  But I have the same symptoms fullness in lower stomach & a slight feeling of cramps. 

Good Luck.

Weird, but I too...am 42 years old...almost 43....never in my life missed a period except when pregnant...and have missed my period now by like 18 days late. I am also feeling fullness in lower stomach, and slight feeling of cramps too. We couldn't all be  in 40's and pregnant, could we? ha ha. I think this is premeno

I am 41 year old and recently had my paragard removed after 11years.  I also had a tubal ligation done 11years ago.  The second month after tubal I became pregnant in the womb the pregnancy was not in my tubes.  I am now almost 2months late with my period and also feeling bloated and the lower part of my stomach is also bloated.  I have taken 7 urine pregnancy test and 1 blood pregnancy test and all are negative with the exception of one urine pregnancy test.  I have an appointment to see my doctor Monday to see what is going on with me

I am 42 years old, I have my tubal 17 1/2 years ago. I missed  period for the first time and I'm also feeling bloated and have cramps. I will take a test today, just to make sure. I recently lost 60 lbs., but I have been eating like a pig here lately.....

I am 41 and i have missed my periods now for 18 days.My breast are a bit painful like how they do when I have my mps.I have been stressed for months.I am a mother of 4 and usually when I am pregnant I can tell by the pulse, and i can feel a lump om my lower stomach.Its not like that, the pulse is normal, and there is no lump in my stomach.I have been reading here that a lot of women are going through the same problem.Those that have been to the doctors can you bring more info please

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