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Tightness in stomach during 22 week of pregnancy

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Hi Rhonda,

    Sometimes a woman who is 22 weeks pregnant feels some tightness in the abdominal area maybe because the baby is moving or because one is having some mild cramping or premature labor.  If this feeling continues for hours and make you feel uncomfortable, go to the nearest hospital and be sure to get checked by the Labor and Delivery Nurses.  Other causes of abdominal cramping is if one does not take sufficient water and gets dehydrated especially during warmer days or if after having sex and the man ejaculates, the semen contains prostaglandins which may cause uterine contractions.  Another cause for premature labor is the presence of any kind of infection in the body especially urinary tract infections.

    I work in Labor and delivery as an RN,  when a patient presents to our unit at 22 weeks, we collect urine for urinalysis if there is any infection, we give either oral fluids or intravenous fluids for hydration or the doctor prescribes medication to stop contractions.

    Normally, after 500 cc of oral fluids or water or after one liter of intravenous fluids, the cramping subsides. If there is bacteria in the urine, the doctor prescribes antibiotics to treat the infection.

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