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How can i make my girlfriend pregnant .?

How can i make my girlfriend pregnant .?


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Get married first then you will have a lifetime to work on it! Laughing

Hi Stevo

Assuming you live in the modern world where having kids before married is perfectly acceptable, there are a few things you can do to make your girlfriend pregnant.

1st - check she wants to be pregnant!

then stop using contraception, no pill, no condoms etc.

If it does not happen naturally, you can buy a fertility kit which will allow your girlfriend to monitor when she is most fertile in the month.

If this does not work, go to the doctor and check your little swimmers are OK and she is all OK. 

One tip for guys trying to have kids - try to avoid tight underwear - boxers allow the optimum temperature for the little guys!

Good luck!

Any excuse not to study!

which time of the month?

Perhaps you need to ask your parents about the "facts of life"!  Women have period once a month, which is connected to the production of eggs.   When a sperm fertilises an egg, a woman gets pregnant.  To learn more, click here.


Any excuse not to study!

make a girl friend and do sex

Cum inside her.....many a times...NO! not at one go you idiot!

Du Hasst meich?

Um Just the fact that u asked that question shows that u should be castrated!!! Does she know u even wanna get her pregnant??? We dont need any more welfare warriors.

With all due respect if you have to ask; you are not ready to be a daddy!!

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