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Pregant after a tummy tuck

I had a tummy tuck 8 months ago and love it. I just found out i was pregnant (not planned) but I am afraid that It might be too soon and that it wont be safe for me and the baby. Other then loosing my flat tummy are there any other side effects I need to worry about?

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No. The baby is enclosed and protected within the womb. Ultrasound and amniotic fluid checks will show any problem areas. What you may develop is stretch marks after the birth. You cannot do anything at this stage other than abort. So your choice is a new gift from god but you will end up with stretch marks. Which is more important? You will have to decide.

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I would tend to agree with the gentleman below. Most women get a tummy tuck AFTER a pregnancy but you did it before. You can also look into laser liposuction where the fat is melted off.

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Good question. When i talked to my friend who had tummy tuck , she said she was wearing loose dress for two weeks and when the pain and swelling was down, she started wearing normal dresses. I think, jeans can be worn when you are completely recovered from the surgery

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If you only have mild to moderate amounts of excess skin on the stomach, you may be a good candidate for laser skin tightening or Thermage skin tightening treatments instead of tummy tuck surgery. These non-surgical procedures improve the appearance of loose skin.

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