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Where can someone find power tools for women. I ...

Where can someone find power tools for women. I have trouble with the larger grips and the heavier tools that are made for men. Is there somewhere reliable that I can find them?

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Do a search on "power tools for women" & you'll find several sites.

I would tentatively suggest Sears. I don't know that they have power tools for women. However, they take great pride and great care in their tool section, and I think they probably do have female friendly tools available.

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I carry high-end ergonomically designed tools for women.  Please visit my website:  www.ilovepinktools.com  Email me with any questions or if you would like me to expedite your order and save you on shipping:  info@ilovepinktools.com

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The best places to look for small-grip power tools are:



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Many tool companies including DeWalt, Skil and Ryobi to name only a few make some tools that are suitable for people with smaller hands.  DeWalt in particular makes slender gripped cordless drills and lightweight routers.  Cruise some real toolstores -not just HD. Cool 

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Yes, you can find lightweight and different types of power tools according to your expectations and budget at http://superairtools.com/, which provides top brand power tools at affordable rates.

harbor freight store or on the web...find a retail outlet ..bring your lunch ,you"llbe looking there for some time...getr therir catalog of the web site..www.harbor tools.com...but then i have bigger hands

The reason power tools have the large grips on them is that they must clear the largest hands that will grasp them -- by a healthy margin.  Tool designers also go out of their way to trim out every miligram that is possible without sacrificing the safety and practicality of the tool.

You might have a local machine shop design special grips for you.  Investment casting fiberglass grips is one service any competent machine shop could perform. 

If no one else can or will do so, then investment casting is a good skill to learn.  Note that casting is not only done with metal, but plastics and sometimes soft and easily used plaster or concrete. 

It is easier done than said: your grips can be made by merely forming a wax model of the grip you wish to make, form a plaster mold around the wax model, melt out the wax, and pour epoxy or polyester resin (with a little chopped up fiverglass) into the mold.  Then chip away the plaster and sandblast lightly to give the part a good grip.



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