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Where can i get a power of attorney in Alaska?

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You can get an Alaska Power of Attorney form free over the Internet.  You can give a Power of Attorney to anyone you trust.  You will need to have it filled out, then signed in the presence of a notary public.  It may be wiser to see an attorney (who will also have forms) to get advice on whether to give a general power of attorney or a specific power of attorney limited to just one kind of transaction or one specific transaction.  Also whether it should be a durable power of attorney that still applies when a person is no longer competent to make decisions. If you are 60 or over, Alaska Legal Services can help.

If you want an older person to give you Power of Attorney, they need to be competent.  The notary will ask their name and address and a few other questions.

If you want another person to make health care decisions for you, that requires an Alaska Advance Health Care Directive.

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