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Potty training

My 3 year old daughter has visitation with her dad every other weekend. He has been impatient with the potty training process for awhile and uses humiliation (putting dirty diaper on head) and now is enforcing a 10 minute time out along with her cleaning herself and diaper as well as any surfaces that may have been in contact. I am very uncomfortable with this and fear it will cause physicological damage (her self esteem is impacted with the transition). Is this appropriate? He is requesting (or rather forcefully stating he wants me to do the same routine)... please help

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Your daughter's father needs some serious counseling (in addition to parenting classes) to learn why he finds it necessary to use humiliation in his attempts to 'discipline' her (for something she shouldn't be disciplined for to begin with!)  

Do NOT let this go.  Even if your daughter suddenly becomes potty-trained, he will find something else 'wrong' with her -- and he'll turn his anger on her in other ways.   Keep very specific notes of any 'incidents' you know about -- dates/times/circumstances.   Get a lawyer -- contact social services -- & get the police involved, if you feel she is in danger.

This "man" has NO business parenting a child.

Are you serious? This is really a no-brainer, so I cannot believe this is an actual question and not just something meant to yank our chains. However, on the off chance that you're not kidding, here goes...

This is absolutely not acceptable! It is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! and you shouldn't have had to ask, because every instinct you have should have been screaming "NO!"

So, by no means should you join in. Furthermore, you MUST take immediate action to get him to stop, and by that, I mean filing court documents to either discontinue his visitation or limit it to supervised visitation, only.

Additionally, your ex should be made to take a basic parenting class so he can learn the skills he needs in order to build a strong relationship with your daughter ~ what he's doing is NOT cutting it.

If you think your ex will listen to reason (could his mother help with that?), then by all means, try it. Otherwise, be prepared to go see a lawyer (or go to court to pick up documents to file yourself) the first thing Tuesday morning.

Good luck and get going!

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Don't you dare use the same routine at your house this is child abuse pure and simple. You need to call CPS and report him and your lawyer and have his custodial rights removed. If this is his answer to potty training then he doesn't need to be alone with your daughter...ever. Supervised visitation only. I can only imagine how he might punish her for other "offenses". This is most definitely 100% psychologically damaging your child. Go get on the phone now.

Your daughter is still spending time with your husband becuase why? This is ABUSE and it's not going to help her learn to go to the potty any faster. A dirty diaper on her head...really? And you let her go back? Call a lawyer and CPS NOW!

Yeah, I can see why he's your ex husband. I'm a former therapist. I can tell you, Everything your husband is doing is guaranteed to damage your daughter psychologically, as well as making her hate her father. He is 100% WRONG. Seriously wrong. You don't potty tain by punishment and humiliation, you do it with fun and good humor, praise and reward. This cannot continue. If she hasn't already started wetting the bed, I promise you, she soon will. She may also start peeing her pants, or peeing in the closet, hiding anywhere to pee in order to avoid having to go to the bathroom. What your husband is teaching her is that the bathroom is the absolute LAST place she wants to go for any reason at all. I shudder to even think what else he's doing to her in non bathroom related behavior he's trying to 'reinforce'. He is abusive and, personally, your daughter would be far better off never seeing him ever again.

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