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Can potassium pills kill you? My fingers have been ...

can potassium pills kill you? My fingers have been drawing and i thought i was low on potassium, so i took a potassium pill and i have been having chest and arm pain and i am very weak and nervous. What is happening to me? I am almost 77.

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No i did not find a satisfactory answer yet. I am weak and having pain in my arm especially after taking a potassium pill this morning.  I am sure i am dehydrated and should go to ER, but don't want to, so what can i do to help myself fast from dehydration?

Yes. Too much Potassium can in fact kill you.

Consult your doctor before taking them

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MI is first on the list. If you are still alive and can read this, take an aspirin and call 911, in that order.

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I eat more bananas than most people i think on account of a hypertension problem and i think i got an overload of potassium when i took a potassium pill, so i will watch that next time.  Thanks everyone.  Things are okay now except my fingers are still drawing and i don't know why.

But i have decided to get my potassium from food sources. That is the safest way i think. 

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