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Potassium what are foods you can eat if your potassium is to high

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ANYTHING THAT IS NOT on the following list.  These are foods high in potassium.


Apricots, dried 10 halves 407 Avocados, raw 1 ounce 180 Bananas, raw 1 cup 594 Beets, cooked 1 cup 519 Brussel sprouts, cooked 1 cup 504 Cantaloupe 1 cup 494 Dates, dry 5 dates 271 Figs, dry 2 figs 271 Kiwi fruit, raw 1 medium 252 Lima beans 1 cup 955 Melons, honeydew 1 cup 461 Milk, fat free or skim 1 cup 407 Nectarines 1 nectarine 288 Orange juice 1 cup 496 Oranges 1 orange 237 Pears (fresh) 1 pear 208 Peanuts dry roasted, unsalted 1 ounce 187 Potatoes, baked, 1 potato 1081 Prune juice 1 cup 707 Prunes, dried 1 cup 828 Raisins 1 cup 1089 Spinach, cooked 1 cup 839 Tomato products, canned sauce 1 cup 909 Winter squash 1 cup 896 Yogurt plain, skim milk 8 ounces 579

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