Possible torn ligament/tendon in pinky finger

I have a very painful, swollen and red pinky finger. I had x-rays 3 wks ago, no break. So I have had my finger splinted, wrapped, iced and heated, none of these have helped at all. I cannot bend my finger all the way down, hurts too much. I can't take anti-inflammatories becasue I have Crohn's disease. I am on the way to see a hand specialist. Here is my question to those who have been there...my finger hurts like hell, it stings and burns and I can't bend it all the way. It has been this way for a month by the the time I see the hand specialist. It does not hurt too bad at the first joint (bottom knuckle)butfrom my middle knuckle to the top burns, stings and is very painful and swollen.I am a jewelry designer and use my pinky for knotting,however thank god it is my left hand as I am right handed. I am afix it and move on kinda girl. Has anyone had these systoms (burning and stinging,swelling at the mid to upper knuckle? Did surgery fix the problem? Not that I wanted to jump into surgery but I can't stand that old adage of "well let's see what happens"..what is your experience?

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hmm swollen how did you do it i may have done the same thing(dont know yet) by dislocating my finger one of my nuckles (mid nuckle on ring finger) was at a 45 degree angle while my top nuckle was sticking up at a 90 degree angle and my team nurse(dumbass) told me finger just turned black and purple because of the way i was holding my hand......

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