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After hip replacement will I be able to bowl or go horse-back riding?

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I dont know about horse back riding. From my personal experience with bowling, if your front leg (which I guess is the one you bend?) is the hip replaced, it will be tough endurance wise.

It depends on your physical condition and how well the surgery went. Most people can continue their sports, but at a reduced pace. I wish you well. Sounds like you are in good physical condition. Please reply if you need further answers.

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I will have my right hip replaced soon.  My surgeon tells me I can continue playing 'limited contact' ice hockey.  He's gunna use the largest metal-on-metal replacement ball and socket that's available, to minimize any dislocation issues.  Also, I need to keep my body in tip top shape, so there is less stress on the new joint going forward.  I belong to a gym, and am working with a personal trainer to help me with that part.

I bowled a 621 3 game series 2 weeks and 2 days after my right hip replacement surgery. I am right handed so I finish on my left leg. No way could it be done the other way. It was painful (not in the hip but leg muscles). I had to modify my delivery after 2 warm up shots I moved almost 2 feet closer to the foul line and threw my ball with less speed. I was unable to really push into my last step. But 192, 213, and 216. My surgery was Jan 18th and our league bowled yesterday, Monday, Feb 4th. I only missed 2weeks of our league.

I was given approval to resume horseback riding three months after total hip arthroplasty.  Surgeon says that the astride position is beneficial for ball and socket.  I mount from a ramp using a reverse Crest Mount technique, which does not require me to over-extend, or torque the right hp joint.  The technique is done backwards on the ramp when dismounting.  Assistance to keep balance is necessary.

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