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Possible choices for retirement

Retirement may represent a new page in the lives of people. It is not a blank page for some, however. For those who have not made any plans for their retirement, what are the possible choices?

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"Retirement may represent a new page in our lives", is how that should be worded..


  A new beginning..


  A new start in life..


  My one niece hit 50, retired and now is in a small shop with odds and ends..


   Just another chapter in Life..



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The retiree must first draw up a budget so that he/she can plan how much is available for various activities above everyday living expenses. List hobbies and studies to be pursued, time for travelling and touring. Available funds for medical expenses, financial help for children, tuition expenses, etc. Join organizations, local clubs. Keep busy but never get overtired and especially maintain an exercise regimen.  

The choice what to do after retirement is a very personal one. There are some general trends though. For example, many people of retirement age don't want to or can't afford to retire completely any more. They keep a part time job, or they look for different ways to make some extra income.

Another trend that I find especially intriguing is that retirees are more open to retire in a country other than their home country. To find the best places to retire is a topic I've done a lot of research into.

For myself, I am combining both trends. I recently moved from Europe to Nicaragua (a beautiful and much more affordable country than most of Europe) and I am building my online businesses, which will provide extra income once I retire.

Being never cold again http://www.retirepedia.com

Whatever your personal situation is, you have to be realistic regarding your finances and your needs.  Not desires.  Needs.  If you have reached retirement age and have not done any planning, then you will find it difficult.  But...it will not be the worst thing in the world...IF...you can look at your situation realistically.  Stop dreaming of the impossible.  Start enjoying life's basic and beautiful everyday things.  Take the pressure off of yourself to live up to other's expectations and you'll be fine.  In other words....live your own best life...whatever that entails.

Retirement community or assisted living is one of the good option for retirement. For seniors who are able to live independently they can join the community and enjoy verious activities. 


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