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Is it possible that a cat's spirit will stay in your house after it passes away? At night I feel a cat jump on my bed and curl up at my feet but there is nothing there. I think it's my cat and I ...

We have never had cats in our home but my wife and I have both felt something walking on our bed since 2006. It feels exactly like a cat gently walking around. We cannot see or hear anything and the bed spread never moves that we can see. Here recently it just seems to come and go but sometimes it is everyday or night. It does not seem evil or anything and we cannot do anything about it anyway, it is just there. 

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Enjoy it. Talk to it. Not many people get ghost cats. I had one. I thought I was the only one. They want the same thing any cat wants. Love and attention and company. Being a psychic and having been on many ghost investigations, I can explain why humans stay behind. I have no idea why, every once in a great while, a cat's spirit stays behind.


I am having this now-  My cats sleep in the garage at night, but since I moved into this house I feel a cat jump on the bed in the middle of the night- and there isn't a cat there!   It scares me to death and I can't go back to sleep-  I kind of want it to leave...

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Well, spirits you can talk to, but I don't know about cat spirits. You might try, though. Just ask it kindly not to jump on your bed and scare you.

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