Is it possible that a cat's spirit will stay in ...

Is it possible that a cat's spirit will stay in your house after it passes away?  At night I feel a cat jump on my bed and curl up at my feet but there is nothing there.  I think it's my cat and I reach down to pet it and there is no cat on the bed.  This happens several times a week.  I even slept in another bed to see if it would follow me to another room and it did.  I felt it jump up on the bed and walk over to the curve in my leg and lay down.  This has been going on over a year and each time I think it is my cat Oscar, but there is nothing there.  What do you think?

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This hasn't happened to me personally but I have heard of this happenning before...

I have had the same experience.  I took my siamese cat to the humane society due to some bizarre behavior.  For two weeks I felt her or something jump on my bed and walk across the bed and lay down by my feet.  I brought her back home and now when I feel something jump on the bed, its her!!! Happy by the way.  I do think somehow a cat may have some type of spiritual ability to travel, I truelly do no know.  But a few months later I now have unexplained knocking in my home.  ANYONE WHO KNOWS WHATS GOING ON, PLEASE TELL ME AT   thanks Pat 

I don't think it is anything supernatural. Most probably it is your subconcious, saying that you miss the cat.

"The time has come" the walrus said "to speak of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax. Of cabbages and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings."

Once when I was getting ready to go to sleep I laid down next to my girl friend and started trying to fall asleep. Out of no where I heard something fall, like a noise that sounded like a bunch of cloths hangers fall from inside my closet. It kind of stoped me from falling asleep, I got scared but the most crazy part was then I heard and felt something like a small dog or something run out of the closet and jump on my bed,right by my feet.

I then tried to turn around because I felt that what ever it was it was looking at me. I couldn't move, then I couldn't yell. I had to some how pinch my girlfriend so she can wake up and help me. As soon as she woke up (mad), I was able to move. I don't even own a dog or cat or mouse, hamster, fish well you get the point. What was that?

Whenever a animal or person dies the spirit goes away.  However, there are demons that like to take on that same spirit.  It's called a familiar spirit.  I know that saying its a demon may be a stretch for you to accept but its true.  The fact that a demon does not have a body itself it will take on the characteristics and enter your room and jump on your bed.  If you are not sensitive to spirits then you will not know the difference nor understand what is going on.  If you are a Christian then you have the right to tell this spirit to leave your home, in the name of Jesus.  If you're not a Christian, you ask someone who is to pray for you or better yet come into your home and pray so this spirit does not return.  I hope that I have given you something to think about.  If not, I hope you find the answer to your question soon.  God bless you.

Minister Yolanda Williams

If you're not a christian and you either tell it to leave and/or have somebody who is a christian come in and do it for you, it will do no good whatsoever.  You need to have a relationship with Jesus yourself in order for it to obey your (His) authority.  If you speak to it in your own authority, you are taking the risk of something happening to you like the Seven Sons of Skiva in the New Testament.  Look it up if you don't believe me.  They didn't know Jesus themselves, and tried to cast demons out by the name of Peter, or by the name of "Jesus, who Paul preaches".  The demons TORE THEM UP!  And they can and will mess you up if you don't have the power and protection of the Lord in your own life.  This is not witchcraft, it is not a cutesy little email chain letter where you say the name of Jesus - this is for real.  It is just as real as when you felt it jump on the bed, and it can just as physically tear you up!  What you need to do first is, start a relationship with Jesus Christ by simply speaking to Him and asking Him to come into your life and take over, and by surrendering your life 100% to Him.  Tell Him you believe He died on the cross for your sins, rose from the dead 3 days later and that He is your Messiah.  Ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit and His power.  Then and only then can you speak in all Holy authority and command that thing to leave your house, safely.  No holy water or anything fancy is required, just the infilling of the Holy Spirit and His authority in you, although it might be a good idea to get some oil of any kind, pray over it and anoint the doors and windows of your house by touching them with the oil and praying for God's protection and blessing on your house.  At that point the evil spirit will have no choice but to leave.  If you decide to do this, please email me at and let me know you did it.  And, if you have any questions I will be happy to help.

Tonya Berry (Youth Leader & Worship Leader)

Columbus, OH


I can't answer your Q.But, I sleep in a basement room on a air matress.Last night i couden't sleep.was laying on my side lisening to the toilet running,when i started hearing a cat purring.It got closer and closer untill I could feel the rumbleing through my skin.Then I felt something climb onto the air mattress near my head.The rumbleing got louder and I felt a tiny wet nose touch the back of my neck.I thought to myself,wow it's a cat next to me,then i realised that there was a blanket on my neck. NO WAY I should be abale to feel a cats nose touch me now my eyes are wide open,I know I am NOT dreaming this!theres enough light comeing in the window to see by so I raise my body up whip my head around, and see no cat!!! I can see my pillow,the floor some boxes and furniture but no cat.So i figgure it must be my imagination.I settle back down and try to get some sleep.Then I realise I can still hear a rumbleing purr.There is something there!I lay there for sometime contemplateing wether this is a ghost or something else.Then I felt a weight remove it's self from my air mattress,and the purring got fainter and fainter untill it was gone.I don't own a cat.WHAT THE HECK WAS IT???


Absolutely yes. Cats that have passed definitely do revisit the people they loved and stayed with. My daughters cat did this after he passed. I woke one morning and felt a cat walking from my feet up towards my head. I opened my eyes and saw a black furry body ascending onto my face. As I became aware and conscious of him; he faded away. This is what our cat always did to me. He would walk across me from foot to head and then lay on my face; for whatever reason. This only happened once or twice and he never came again. However, he did come to my daughter numerous times; nipping her fingers like he always used to do.

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