Pool water burns my eyes

Why does swimming pool water burn my eyes sometimes? What is the best way to resolve this problem and are there any home remedies that work to fix the water?

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I would suggest you buy some goggles. As far as the water, maybe there's too much chlorine.

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It has been my experience that most people blame the chlorine in their pool or spa for burning eyes, itchy skin, rashes, etc.  Sometimes they may be right,   ...but usually not.  It may be an extra high chlorine content that is burning your eyes (exceptable range is usually considered 1 to 3 ppm in pools) but more often then not it is that the pH level is off and your water is too strong of an acid or a base. 

I would recommend testing the water from your pool to see if something is amiss.  As for home remedies, they are often ineffective and waste money.  Try visiting a pool store in your area.  Look for one that you are comfortable with, and have them test your water (usually for free).

It is because of the chlorine on you swimming pool. Too much chlorine can harm your skin and your eyes. Be sure to use pool chemicals suited on your pool and balance it properly. I would also suggest to use some goggles to protect your eyes and sunblock or lotion to protect your skin.

As said above it may or may not be chlorine levels as a number of water problems can cause this type of iritation in swimming pools. I highly recommend you read through all these different pool water guides and try to work out which is the one you have (dont just jump on the first problem you read it could be a number of water infections/wrong amounts of chemicals etc).

Once you have read them and have more of an understanding on how each works and what each will do and look like, you may know which one is causeing your swimming pools problem with iritation.

If still this does not help you to work out what wrong with your pool you should contact a swimming pool specialists asap to have them come tell you whats wrong with the pool.

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