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What is a pooka fish?

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A pooka fish is a fish known to nibble off the dead skin. It is found in Central America. But do not think that this fish is good. The pooka fish is riddled with bacteria which can lead to an attack on your central nervous system.

It is a Illegal fish in America that lives in Central America it eats dead human skin on any part of the body but is highly toxic and it goes into the central nervous system makes you sick

A pooka fish is a fish that eats the peoples dead skin andit also has toxic so it could damage ur nerve systemCool

"Pooka" fish are a FICTIONAL fish mentioned on an episode of "Victorious" (a TV show in the US with a teen demographic).

they supposed to eat the dead skin off of feet, making them -the feet - silky smooth, but are supposed to be "riddled with bacteria which can lead to an attack on your central nervous system".

Sorry, there is no such fish.

However, there are Garra Rufa fish, also known as "Doctor Fish", that are used in salons world wide that eat dead flesh off of the feet (and skin).  They do not carry neurotoxins nor are they "riddled with bacteria" (well, no more so than any other fish).  They are, however, banned in some US states due to the possibility of them being "unhygienic" which has never been proven or disproven (Although there are no known  reports of skin infections spreading from one customer to another.)

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