What kind of impact if any can personal ethics and morals have on your professional practice

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Anita, your personal ethics and morals can make you, and they can break you.  We have to make choices all day and every day, and it is in those choices that make us who we are.  If we throw ethics to the wind and follow where they land, or are ashamed of our ethics around certain people, we will find we are on the road to corruption.  Some people thrive on corruption, and often get caught and their careers are ended then and there.  Some get away with murder. 

If we have a set of morals, a conscience we listen to, and we follow what we know in our heart is the "right" or best way, our reputation will follow us and others will want to do business with us.  What kind of impact?  A huge impact.  Either for good or bad.  Your choice.

All professions have codes of ethics.  The only two groups of people who must be constantly watched are atheists and Muslims.  Neither group is to be trusted in any way and neither group will ever tell you the truth about anything. 

Atheists are the most obnoxious boors on the planet and are utterly sadistic.

Muslims prove daily that they are absolutely consumed with the most vicious grudge that ever existed and WILL mishandle your case because that is how much they hate all people everywhere.

Both cults have cold and ruthless obsessions that renders them unworthy of trust in any form regardless the profession they claim to practice.  Their history proves this absolutely.

If you do not master your destiny, it will master you.

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