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What can you do if cop starts harassing you for no ...

What can you do if cop starts harassing you for no reason? Do you have the right to defend yourself? I feel that no matter how this starts you always will end up with resisting arrest charges. It is UNFAIR!!!

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No, you don't have the right to defend yourself. If you do you will be arrested, and there are way worse charges than resisting arrest. Like assaulting a police officer, which is a felony. #1, there's generally a civilian board which is set up to monitor police behavior and misbehavior. #2, you can report his behavior to his superiors. Those are your options. Anything else will lead to serious trouble, for you.

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If you can walk away quietly, then do so. Otherwise, you are not allowed to disobey a lawful order from a police officer. You are not allowed to assault a police officer or resist arrest, even if you believe the officer is acting wrongly or illegally. Your recourse in that situation is to file a complaint with your State Attorney General or hire an attorney and sue for false arrest and police misconduct.

Try to get an audio or video of the harrssment

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