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I'd have to say Obama.  Most of Bush's vacation to were to his ranch in Crawford, TX. 

"Some people wonder all their lives if they've made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem.” Semper Fi Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."
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pattyp Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Bush logged in more vacation days AWAY from the WH than any other American President in history.


And, it shows.

Capt. Conservative

Not entirely true, but then again facts aren't your agenda.

And Obama has played more rounds of golf in 2 years than Bush did in 8 years ... So what's your point. 

Obama spent over $2 Million of tax payer's money on his tour bus.


bush spent more days on vacation then any president in the history of our country.

Capt. Conservative

Leave it to you two idiots not to answer the "actual" question.  The question was, "WHO SPENT THE MOST MONEY ON VACATIONS" ...

You guys answer questions like the New York Times redirects thier biased polls.

I see you and Patty and "googling" your information once again.  Such researchers you people are.

It's funny, when you use "fact check", their sources are all CBS sources.  Hardly credible since they were the Network that reported lies about Bush when he ran against John Kerry, which led to the firing of Dan Rather.  CBS also was the 1st network to call Florida for Al Gore back in 2000 even though the Polls in the Panhandle portion of the State were still open for another hour.

Bush spent most vacations at his ranch in Crawford, which certainly cost the tax payers less money than Obama's lavish vacations.  What the Liberal Rags fail to include in their typical smear campaigns is that many of those "vacations" as they label them, were working vacations where World Leaders would visit his ranch.

What Liberals fail to comprehend is that being President is similar to being a CEO of a large company.  YOU DON'T TAKE VACATIONS WHEN THINGS ARE BAD !!  YOU DON'T VACATIONS WHEN QUOTAS ARE SHORT !!

But not Obama ... (2) Years of complete control of the House & Senate, and he fails to pass a budget because he's too bust fueling class warfare and ramming his dreadful health care scam down our throats.

Regardless ... In answering the question, Obama has SPENT MORE MONEY ON VACATIONS.

pattyp Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Oh, come on, come on.  You're smarter than this, right?  Bush was GONE - as in away in another state for more days than any other President was out of the WH.  Don't you consider it a "bad time" when you start an illegal war to be away from the country's capitol?  You keep tripping all over yourself with your obsession to try to put some kind of spin on the disaster that was George W. Bush.  If he wasn't an Evangelical, I doubt you'd care less, huh?  This all boils down to religion and that's not our business how a leader worships.


Golf takes a couple of hours - then it's back to the WH.  Can't you see the difference?  You're worried about taxpayer money on a bus tour?  How about the BILLIONS spent on the war in Iraq - off the books???  How do you rationalize that one?

BTW- why do you have to resort to name calling?  No one was attacking you.  Why so thinned skinned?  You're sounding more and more like someone's Aunt Pittypat.

pattyp Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

One other question, my dear el Captian...did it bother you when GWB stayed on his ranch for DAYS and DAYS after Hurricane Katherina?  Wasn't that a crisis?

Capt. Conservative

Patty, it's hard to take you serious while I'm laughing.  You're still spewing the same rhetoric that your cult was spewing two years ago. 

Umm .... Golf takes (4) Hours ... Genius.

You can whine about he Iraq War all you want.  You're whining to the wrong person because I supported the Iraq War and still do.  So you can move on regarding that one.

I honestly don't care about the excuse you Apes want to use about Katrina.  You're uneducated and know nothing about government.

A sitting President it not allowed to go into a State unless the Governor asks for his help.  It prevents Presidents from abusing their powers towards the States.

Those people in Louisiana were warned 3 Days in advance to leave ... They chose not to.  Governor Blanco failed as a Governor.  Those Buses sat in parking lot instead of getting people out. 

Then when help was sent in, those people acted like savages and shot at the National Guard.  Then when they were transported to a football stadium for shelter and food, they began raping and assaulting each other ... Savages.

Tell Me Patty ... How come the residents of Iowa and Missouri didn't act this way when tragedy struck their home towns ??  There was no raping, no looting, no shooting at each other.  They helped each other.  Compare that to have those animals acted in Louisiana.  Idiot.

You people will make the excuses you can to protect your liberal messiah.  He's a failure and his approval rating displays such.  He's losing the 35 and younger vote because they now have to pay taxes and are trying to get from those "Rich" that Democrats try to exploit.

Capt. Conservative

You People make excuses for EVERYTHING.  Whether someone is poor or not doesn't excuse being stupid.  Do you think all the people in Iowa and Missouri were RICH ???

Fact is, School Buses were sitting EMPTY in parking lots and could have been used to help people leave.  It wouldn't have cost the poor a dime.

Watch all the "documentaries" you want.  They're only as reliable as the people conducting them.  Most of them were biased and altered truths.

Katrina was a failure in State and Local Government, not President Bush.  A President does not have the power or right to declare a State of Emergenecy on a State unless it is requested by the Governor of that State.  Blanco waited DAYS to ask for that help.

All those people did was Loot, Rape and act like the Savages that they are. 

But you want to blame Bush for FAILED DEMOCRAT GOVERNMENT in Louisiana and the actions of the ANIMALS that live there.

Iraq was wrong in your opinion.  Like the Marines say, take your ass over there and ask the people if they want Saddam back.

In 1998, Democrat Leaders:  Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Sandy Burger, John Kerry, and others, all said Saddam possessed and would use WMDs.  I guess you're going to call them liars as well ???

People like you don't want to help "our citizens".  You want to keep them dependent on entitlements and welfare programs.  You think that's helping when in reality it's removing their self worth and dignity.

And yes Patty, A Dictator is our concern when he's threatening the United States and other allies.

People like you don't get because you only care about your own self absorbed concerns.  People like you have no clue what's being done behind the scenes so you can run your liberal mouth in freedom. 

~American~~Patriot~ Thinks this answer is Helpful:

patty p you are so funny

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