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Annette Hakkinen, What kind of a person are you ...

Annette Hakkinen,

What kind of a person are you? Are you even human? You told Herman Fandel that you would  talk (tell the truth}about Scott Curtis and Amy Lee Fandels disappearance in 1978 for $5000.00 It is a known fact you called Herman Fandel and requested money for information. Why? What happened to the kids? Do you know or are you protecting someone? Trying to get money? That's really tacky and dishonest. The kids are apparently dead. If you do know , why not put this to rest? If you are a liar come clean. Why would you attempt  to extort money? That is illegal. It has completely destroyed my family. You were not honest with my family in 1978. How can you live with youself? I can hardly take the pain that my family has suffered. Do you know where the childrens bodies are. I beg you... Please if you know let us bring them home for closure, The pain is too much to bear. It has to be taken care of. If you are human you should choose to do the right thing. If you are a liar admit it...your calls are documented! 



sure e truth should be told. My poor Mom died without closeure.Pehaps this message upsets you. You should just come clean if you know something. If not admit your selfish lies and  desires and move on.  Most people will accept an apology from an admitted Liar. My poor family is still waiting after all these years. Time does not heal the pain. What  did he do to Scott and Amy? If I don't here from you I will assume that you stil won't be honest. Dirty.  I am the same person that was at the cabin with you and your friend at the cabin.  

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