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What questions does a probation officer ask

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They may ask about past and present criminal involvement, family environment, educations, military background, employment, substance abuse, mental health and many other circumstances that indicate how you may interact with your environment and what risk you pose to society.

They may also ask you to pee in a cup.

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I need a answer on why I want to be a probation officer

I think that can only come from you. How would I know the answer to what you feel or think about that profession? Maybe start with asking yourself "what attracts me to this job?"

I am off probation yet someone told an employer ...

Someone told "an" employer or your current employer? If its a current employer that company can request a background check~~you say, a random check? They better show where other employees have had their background checked at "random," or start randomly checking all employees background.

Is a bachelors degree for elkhart city probation ...

You have to pass an exam to be a probation officer in Indiana and in order to take that exam, you must have a 4-year degree http://www.in.gov/judiciary/probation/qualifications.html

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