Discuss Rick Barnett's answer to: Politics became ugly in 2008. Should we tolerate these abuses again?

Politics can become ugly. In 2008, all across the nation, Black Panthers in their "gang colors" intimidated voters whom they suspected might not support Barrack Obama. There were numerous ...

That was the scene all across America in 2008.  I was never so ashamed to be a black man as when I saw those racist thugs threatening people unless they had Obama stickers on everything.  It got so Republicans wore them to avoid assault.

That sort of gangster running our government is not the most reassuring of ideas.  We have seen the sort of deranged extremists who siude with Obama and we have to question the wisdom of supporting any group that makes race their sole issue in life.

If I, a black Baptist, can find more to desire in a white Mormon named Romney than a black Muslim like Obama, then I believe I have cleared myself of any charge of either racism or tokenism.

The madness of Obama has to end somewhere.  Let's hope it doesn't end as the partition of America, apartheid, and lynchings as so many have threatened.

What happened to that $15.7 trillion dollars of OUR tax money, Obama?
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Anonymous Comment

Rocmike you are in serious need of mental help you sick hate driven racist.

Rick Barnett

You keep talking about Rocmike.  Okay, I'll look him up just because of you.

Rick Barnett

Rocmike3 Asked: The Battle Hymn of the Republicans!

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The Battle Hymn of the Republicans.  By Rocmike3
Oh, mine eyes have seen inglory
how Obama used the Lord!
He foisted off upon us
a program we can't afford
Even house Democrats are
looking rather bored!
And now we are marching on!
Glory, glory hallelujah!
The Democrats will try to fool, ya!
They think they're getting away
with that and ten tons more!
While we say, "NEVERMORE!"
We saw his worthless promises
go sour time and again!
His miserable dog has up and
peed upon his shin.
And his most faithful lackeys tell him,
"Better guess again!"
While we go marching on!
(Refrain.  But don't get too hung up about it . . ..)
You write the next verse!

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Voice of Reason

Voice of Reason Answered:

Nancy, Harry, Joe; 3 stooges they remind
As they go about their business treating us like a mules behind
We the people say, "Please stop, we've had enough"
But these dolts keep marchin' on.

Rick Barnett


I don't know about Three Stooges, but I found this was hysterical! 

Anonymous Comment

In the last 14 hours we started off with Rocmike's aliases Renner with a couple posts followed by  The Actual Paul Wittenberg 3 hours, Bob Suffolk 6 hours, Rick Barnett 2 hours, Stressed 2 hours and Dr. Kelly 1 hour and still posting. We also had Rocmike's anonymous thrown in there. All repeating the same thing over and over and using the word Atheist. This happens every single day. Rocmike is in serious need of mental help and a life.

Serenity Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Allow me to add a verse.  (Pardon the chortle).


Harry Reid and Al Sharpton up and bored themselves to death.
We all look to "Ears" Obama for some new political breath.
But guess what, folks!  Be patient, it is anybody's guess.
Why Dems go marching on!




We wonder who bought that blarney that Obama early spoke.
Now the nation faces up the fact that we have just gone broke.
If Obama has another screaming fit, they say he just might croak.
And we'll go marching on!



Anonymous Comment

Rocmike this is a fairly recent post for you to respond too. It's only 11 days old.

Rick Barnett

Serenity, that was great!  I like it!  Maybe it makes defrogpunk nervous but that is too bad. 


I'm sorry, Defrogpond, I can't vote Democrat or join the Klan.  The Klan won't let black guys like me join, and I am too smart to vote Democrat.


I guess that just leaves me with happy, patriotic, loyal, non-racist Republicans!  Too bad your lies don't stand up to the truth!

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike you are in your 5th hour of posting under your alias Rick Barnett.Going to old questions and answers no one has been in months and repeating the same thing over and over. Do you have any life what so ever?

Joyce Peller Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I love it, Serenity!  Only Democrats could bore themselves to death.  Maybe that is why they only get boring old racists!


Rick, I stand with you.  There is no reason to cower before those KKK bigots and other Democrats.

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