May/December Romance. My Husband is absolutely ...

May/December Romance.   My Husband is absolutely gorgeous.  I met him 3 years ago when I was 40, and he was 27.  While there is a 13 year difference in our age,  we are very close and have a lot in common, (right now).  My question is can this Marriage hold up against Father Time?  We didn't Marry for any ulterior motives like money or material things,  and it's not that we hadn't talked about our age difference before we said "I DO",  I'm just curious to know if anyone else is in, or has been in a similar relationship,  and what can I/we do to avoid possible problems with our age difference over time?   Everyones point of view and advice will be appreciated!

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     Congratulations to both of you.  There are actually successful marriages between couples with age difference like yours.  As long as the motive for the marriage is love, then everything will come into place.

     With 13 years difference, I think it is very important to always try to look good for him, maintain a nice figure because you don't want him to shift his attention to his women co-workers.  And another trick is to stay loving, caring, funny and maintain a good sense of humor.  After all age is just a number.

     Take care and stay happy!


Be honest and be true to yourself.

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Thank you for your advice.  I want you to know that I will remember what you said to me for years to come.  My Husband will be happy! 


age doesn't matter when there is love!the trouble starts when YOU start to be jealous if he even talks to a younger woman,or you don't like the way you look!

If you keep on being cheerful and confident the man you married won't care that you're older!

Fool me once, shame on you!! Fool me twice,shame on me!

Age is just a number, i think.. U could have two people of the same perfect ages who have absolutely nothing in common and therefor the mariage wont stand the test of time.. I think you two should just enjoy each other and live from day to day and take each day as it comes enjoying each other as you undoubtedly already are. Let time take care of time.. Btw i knew a couple who were maried for 30years at the time of the husbands death at age 84.. His wife was 55.. :-) it can be done then huh?

TLC is not a limited edition

Wow! A 30 year difference in age?!!  I've been worried that we might grow apart intellectually, that our common interests might change because of our generation gap.  Ya know,.. the whole Mountain-climbing/Bingo thing!  But after reading that a couple stayed Married for 30 years with 3 decades between them!... now that's inspiring!  Thanks!  Everybody!

i am 29 years old and i am marrying a 20 years girl we dont talked about age in our relationship we just keep on planing for our future, maybe that will help just continue yuor life and love each other

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I met the love I always longed for, searched for and I am 15 years older than.  Our relationship is fullfilling in every sense of the word.  He is my lover, best friend, confidant, playmate and fellow adventurer. 

There are no boundaries when it is real.  The rules set down by society have no place in relationships between grown-up, mature, consenting adults.

I have known men who were 18 that were more together and more adult than many 50 yr olds.  I believe we are the challanges life has set before us and we have learned to cope with, live with, accept, change and learn from.  Life is a constant learning experience and does not end til we die, may I say I am not sure it ends there.

Enjoy and as far as Father Time, we spoke of him also, he won't get in the way of what we have.  There are things deeper, greater and more powerful and fullfilling than flesh. 


Se la vie


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