Poems for wedding invitation?

Looking for some wedding invitation poems? If possible something that can be used to request a monetary gift for a wedding...

I haven't had much luck searching wedding sites on the internet  - maybe you can help? Thanks.

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You should try wedding invitation poems they have a poem for requesting a monetary gift.

They also have free help with how to phrase your wedding invitation (wording to use, examples etc.) and some interesting tips on wedding invitation etiquette - when to send the wedding invitation, how many to order and when to order.

Hope that helps.

after the wedding...

to our honeymoon we'll dash...   ( to our home we will dash--- to  the hotel we will dsah )

you don't have to shop for gifts...

Please...just give us the cash !!!


LOL... Hope they have a sense of humor...


This a great book that has various poems from a variety of sources that range from Rumi to the Bible. Great for a couple that will be getting married to personalize their wedding.

Try this site.. http://www.poemsource.com/wedding-poems.html I search in the Google. There are really lot's of wedding poems there.. Hope it helps..

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