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What are the basic tools that a industrial pipefitter need?

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Can you give an idea of different lighting system and their

Best light you are gonna get is HID or fluorescent. It is intense, really gets into the little spots, and with HID you can focus the beam into a good strong spot and do fine inspection work. If you want lights for a restaurant or some thing, talk to an electrician. They will set you up.

What force is applied through hydraulic pressure?

Okay, babe, let's get you started on hydraulics. It's real simple. First you have a reservoir, with a water skimmer and filter on the return line. The water skimmer is there to prevent explosive steam from developing. Next, you got a pump. That can be cylinder, centrifugal, piston, or ram ...

What is Grinding Wheel?

Genius, a grinding wheel is a wheel that you mount on a grinder and then cut into metal. Talk about dense. Who but a leftist could be that stupid?

Who can elaborate the meaning of gloves?

Are you an idiot, or what? Gloves are things you wear on your hands to protect them and/or keep them warm. Wanna know the meaning of socks now?