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Hi!!! Desperate for help!! I am going to re-decorate my living room and would love to put some plum feature wallpaper in my alcoves, I have pine furniture and a dark brown chair plus a stone coloured ...

No need to panic. Whatever you've decided to paint since this was last posted was most likely in a wine shade. Right? If you like plum, you are likely to also like shades of wine and jewel tones. You can gather more ideas how to integrate the chimney into the rest of your decor by using lighting fixtures or other furnishings. My suggestions would be to select traditional lighting fixtures such as wall sconces to flank your chimney breast. Then you can place other wall lights, floor lamps and ceiling lights that flatter your pine furniture and stone-hued sofa. Though stone is likely to be a cool-toned gray and pine is a light-colored wood, you can choose to drape a warm or cool cloth, decorative blanket or table runner. Then your room with me unified with warm tones for one season. When you want a change you can emphasize the stone/cool tones. You can get more ideas by visiting Y Sawa's pins on Pininterest.com. She excels in using color for home decor. As for liking, I recommend http://www.affordablelamps.com/traditional-wal.html or another online lighting retailer. 

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