Playing WAV file on iPod

I have a voice recorded WAV file. I can play it with iTunes. I have downloaded it successfully to my iPod (model A1136, 30Gb ). When selecting this audio record on iPod screen - it is not played ! explain !

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Check the sample rate and bit depth of the WAV file.  You ideally want the sample rate at 44.1kHz/41000Hz and the bit depth at 16 bits.  Other rates and depths are not supported by the iPod

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The official iPod support website states iPod should be able to play WAV files, as long they're not compressed (

Maybe your file is compressed? 

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The specific WAV file has been created with 8KHz sample rate only (produced by a simple MP3 player). Any suggestion about simple conversion of the above file to fit iPod ?

The WAV file is not compressed - as far I understand. Here is the file summary: bit-rate: 32kbps, audio-sample-size: 4 bit,channels: 1, audio-sample-rate: 8KHz,Audio-Format: IMA AdPCM

The spoken WAV file has been produced using a default compressed format of the MP3 player device - AdPCM. It is not supported by iPod. Using iTunes command (convert selection to MP3) on the above WAV file solves my problem.

As far as I know iPod can support MP3 format, so you can use uSeesoft Audio Converter to help you convert WAV to MP3 format.

The Audio Converter can be downloaded here:

Though iTunes announced to support WAV audio file, we still cannot import WAV to iTunes sometime let alone to play WAV in iTunes, iPhone, iPod or iPad.

This article just aims to solve "iTunes won't import WAV" issue and helps to successfully import all kinds of WAV to iTunes so as to play WAV on iPhone, iPod, iPad, and iTunes with ease at

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