How to Play Candy Crush Saga?

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Sometimes even knowing the genre will not be of much help to you. Candy Crush Saga is a game pertaining to the genre of match 3 games but having the hands on approach of other match 3 games wouldn't be much help for you to play this game. This game is entirely different from other match 3 games like Bejeweled Blitzor collapse where the jewels or building parts as is the item respectively would be falling and you have to make pairs of three. Instead in candy crush saga, you are provided with fixed board with a lot of candies of varied shapes are provided and you are required to solve the puzzling objectives to get the points. So you see it's more of a thinking man's game. Now let us peek into the insights of the game.

In Candy Crush you are provided with a fixed board and you are required to achieve the objectives you are given by arranging the candies and thereby you proceed to the next level if you successfully complete one level and achieve the puzzling objective. Level by level you have to proceed in the game till you reach the sixty fifth level as only sixty five levels are provided at the launch. 

Initially, you would be asked to reach up to some particular scores in a specified number of moves. But as you proceed you can actually feel the heat of the game. As you would be able to see in some of the levels that you would be provided with some ingredients among the candies and you would be required to lower the ingredients to the bottom of the board, this should be done really carefully and safely as it will take your life if it gets destroyed. 

In some levels of Candy Crush you would be getting some spaces having jelly in them instead of candies and you would be required to get rid of it's gumminess before you proceed in the game. But in addition to this what creates the real headache is the fact that you have to complete each level in a specified number of moves which makes your number of moves restricted. So in candy crush rather than doing random moves, you are required to perform the right moves which will help you to get the actual result. 

Another aspect of gaming in Candy Crush that has to be dealt here its addictiveness; it is really an addictive game where you are actually glued to the game of the next best possible move. One of the greatest aspects of this game is that you are not disturbed for money every now and then as is the case in most of theFacebook games. In the game each player is provided with five lives and when you lose one board you only lose one life. So the point is even if you lose five times in a row you would be spending around a 15- 20 minutes in the entire process so it can prove to be a great pastime. Once you have lost all your lives, it takes some thirty minutes to regain each life. So if you don't want to play the whole game in one sitting, then it can be great game for you. Obviously continuing the Facebook culture what is the point if you are allowed to play the whole game in one sitting so you are provided a break of thirty minutes so that you can continue your game after every thirty minutes. In the game of Candy Crush you are also provided with energy ups which will be actually initiated and accumulated during the course of the game making it a really great option.

So on the whole, has actually put in a great effort to remove the line that differentiates the normal games and the Facebook games with its latest addition Candy Crush Saga. After the titles like Bubble Witch Saga, this is a great addition to the titles of It will keep you glued and make you go gooey with excitement as it is a really addictive magnum opus.

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