How long should you wait to have sex after getting an IUD?

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Speak with your doctor but I would think a couple of weeks.

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Dear Megan,

According to Planned Parenthood's web site, the answer to your question is a question.  When did you have the IUD inserted?

Planned Parenthood refers to TWO brands of IUDs.  The "ParaGuard" IUD is effective immediately.  My reference gives no caution on this product.  However, on "Mirena" brand, the caution is if you have the IUD implanted within SEVEN DAYS FROM THE BEGINNING of your period, you may have intercourse at any time.  However, if you have the IUD implanted any other time, you are to use other protection for SEVEN days after the implant.  That is when the protection begins with the Mirena IUD.

I hope this answers your question.  If not, please write back.

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Hey Megan,

I really don't think there is a time to wait I had the Paraguard T put in alittle over five years ago it caused so many problems I had stomach cramps and other problems after about a year of having it I went to the doc and found out I was infact preg!! There were so many things that could have happened to him because of the IUD thankfully nothing was wrong they never found the iud told me they didn't know where it went i had test to see if it was inside my baby it was not!! they told me unless it was in his skin when he was born they wouldn't know! anyway just be veryyyyyyyyyyyyy cautious you still can get preg!

You could wait a week after insertion of the Mirena IUD before you can have an intercourse. 

Just be aware of the possible complications of Mirena like embedment, uterine perforation or even infertility. You can read more about the side effects  of Mirena IUD at

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