The best places to visit in Israel

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I'd say the beaches...

They're free, there's a lot of action going on this time of the year, there's water, and sand and lots of fun going around.

Just don't forget to wear sunscreen :-)

If you can give a little more information about what you're looking for, maybe the other israelies in Yedda could give you some more detailed suggestions.

Have fun!

Fascinating, magnificent landscapes, architecture - something very unusual.

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Fortunately Israel is a small country (roughly 400 k"m long and 25 k"m wide.  Most of the country is within 2 hr ride (by car) from the center (Tel Aviv).  "Best places" - has 2B more defined.... It is according to you (depends what you like: e.g: Theater, dancing, travelling, diving, swiming, hiking, sport, resting, food..... ).   Israel is a small country but with lot of action and a veriety of choises.   If you decide to come to Israel. contact me, be more specific, and I'll try to assist you.
Enjoy !.
D'R D. Oron


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Must-see places, IMO, are the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. There are many other interesting things to do and see, but these two are the most special.


I think it depends on what you're interested in.  If you love mountains and beauty in nature, I'd definitely recommend traveling around the north.  I wouldn't miss any of the cities, at least hanging out for a few days in each. Haifa and it's surroundings, Jerusalem and all the religious and cultural sites, Tel Aviv's night life, shops and beaches, the mountains of the Galil and Golan, and the beauty and jeeping of the south.  I would recommend buying yourself a travel book on Israel and highlighting everything that looks interesting to you.  I can help you more if you tell me what kind of things you're interested in. 


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You can have the best diving experience at Israel’s Red Sea Riviera on the Gulf of Eilat where a wonder-sea of corals and exotic fish awaits. In addition to hiking and diving, other adventure challenge experiences are to be had in the desert cliffs around Eilat and in the Negev and the forested ridges of the Upper Galilee, including cycling, off-road touring and rappelling. Even those snowy heights are not one-dimensional: in the winter they boast ski-runs with all the amenities, but when the snow melts, Mount Hermon becomes a hiker’s delight with trails to charming alpine-like meadows and shady streams.


Israel boasts a number of unique edutainment attractions that families love – Jerusalem’s Time Elevator, Mini Israel, the new Kings City in Eilat and the Haganah Museum are only a few of the fun-while-you-learn experiences in store.


If you can be more specific as to what interests you, I may be able to give you better suggestions. Let me know.

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If you decide to come to Israel I suggest you book your accommodation ahead (especially in the holidays season).

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 Have a pleasant journey :)

Summer go north winter go south

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