Can You Live on Pizza?

Can you stay healthy this way?

Can You Live on Pizza?Getty

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Of Course!!! I love pizza and i can live with it will make my day well i know that you can't eat that much because it is bad and others are alergic to it but it won't bother living with it ---___--- I love pizza that is the most important thing but i am watching my diet Laughing

Yes, I can definitely can. And now, craving for more :D

No its not a healthy food....Its not good for health.

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I never thought I would like a taco pizza until tried it once, the same goes for the taco salad, now I just about like everything taco except taco, but heard taco bell serves taco pizza, who would ever think to look there I wonder what theirs is like. Around 15 years ago out in the west god fathers came up with the taco pizza but they don't have a god fathers in the eastern part of the US that I know of I really miss that one.


Like someone already said on here it depends on whats put on it. But I'M definately going to check out taco bell now that I know they serve it.

Shakey's Pizza used to make a truly magnificent tostada pizza. And I ended up for the moment in a city with no Shakey's. I LOVED that tostada pizza.

I have made my own taco pizza using refried beans for sauce, hamburger, onions and the like, with lettuce and tomatoes on top when it comes out of the oven. Turns out okay, but not as good as Shakeys. My favorite pizza is actually a bit weird. Pineapple, green bell peppers and black olives. I just like the combination of flavors.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

yea . Pizza is most popular food. I like pizza only by pizzahut. Now pizza Hut also offering so many pizzas like pan pizza, thin crust pizza, cheese crust pizza and so may flavours.

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A tostada huh, so thats what its called, from the images some of them look more like a quiche I've never tried. Thanks Bones that really looks good.


By the way, someone told me that pizza is one of the recomended foods on weight watchers, she said the same thing one of the ladys did on here 'It all depends on what you put on it'


If your trying to loose weight then you better stay with the pizza - I'M going for the tostada.

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