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Are Pirates fairy tale characters?

Are Pirates fairy tale characters? I'm doing a fairy tale prop box and I need something for the boys. I thought of Jack and the Beanstalk but that's a bit hard to do props for. So, my question is, are pirates fairy tale or folktale characters?

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In my opinion, pirates are not fairy tale characters.

If you remember your fairy tales (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and so on) most of the male characters are either good (princes, kings, helpful sorcerers, etc.) or bad (trolls, gnomes, giants, etc.).

Furthermore, many of the 'good' male characters are somewhat mentally challenged (i.e., Jack in the Beanstalk, Puss in Boots) while the 'bad' male characters have personality issues (i.e., the elder brothers are often selfish, condescending, self-righteous prigs; the youngest brother is the one who slays the foe and wins the princess). This is just my opinion, so it probably doesn't do much to answer your question; sorry!

Good luck with your project.

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Folktale based on reality.  In that there really were pirates and some of the ones we hear about were real...just maybe not quite what they are portrayed. 

Why do you think JIBS would be hard to do props for?  What size are you wanting...shoe box, toy box or what?  I might be able to help you with ideas (I did props for theatre for a number of years and have also done shadow boxes for displays for publicity for plays).

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Well, its a prop box for 3/4 year olds. Fairytales is the theme for the week and I wanted to make a dramatic play prop box. I've actually chosen Alice and Wonderland and Peter Pan but any suggestions about Jack and the Bean Stalk would be great. (As a future reference!!) Thanks!

Pirates are certainly folklore based on fiction. Some idea's for "fairy tale" characters are best going to come from JRR  Tolkien- hobits such as Bilbo and Frodo, Elvs like Legolas and Elrond, or the boy character from The Smith of Wooton Minor (Major). He ate the piece of celebration cake that contained the Fey (fairy) star and thus became immortal fairy himself. It's a wonderful book! There is Pete from Pete's Dragon, etc. King Arthur and any one of his knights. Let me know if you need more help.



Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan are not fairy tales. They are just novels and plays.

BUT, if you are looking for props in fairy tales that are for boys, consider the classic fairy tales: The 3 Bears(Papa or Baby Bear), The Little Pigs(the Pigs or the Big Bad Wolf), Little Red Rinding Hood(the Wolf), The Three Billy Goats Gruff(the Billy Goats or the Troll), Jack and the Beanstalk(Jack or the Giant), or princess fairy tales: Cinderella(the Prince, animal characters or King's man), Sleeping Beauty(the prince), Beauty and the Beast(beast or Beauty's father), Snow White and the Seven Dwarves(the prince or the dwarves).

As for girls, The 3 Bears(Mama, Baby Bear or Golielocks), The Little Pigs(the Pigs or the Big Bad Wolf), Little Red Rinding Hood(Red, Grandma or the Wolf), The Three Billy Goats Gruff(the Billy Goats or the Troll), Jack and the Beanstalk(mom or the Giant), Cinderella(Cinderella, step sisters, step mother or animal characters), Sleeping Beauty(sleeping Beauty, wicked Queen, fairies), Beauty and the Beast(Beauty), Snow White and the seven Dwarves(Snow White, evil Queen).

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