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What a person should eat affected with piles?

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Piles witch is also known as hemorrhoids can be cause from your diet. Foods like cheese, pizza, certain process foods are bad for you. They will cause constipation and hard stools that cause the problem so stay away from those foods. You will want to eat foods that are high in fiber like berries, whole wheat cereals, oat meal is great, make sure you drink a lot of water. There is so much more to this for more information please visit Natural Hemorrhoid Cure and get rid of them for good. You have to get to the root of the problem or they will come back.

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Fiber rich foods are best to eat if you have piles or hemorrhoids to help you stay "regular". These include oats, nuts, fresh fruits, raw vegetables. Make sure you get plenty of water.
Also it is important to avoid certain things like foods that are processed, alcohol, and coffee.

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Remedies for Weight Loss, Joint Pain and Piles -

Living healthy isn't just about eating everything for healthy and longevity life, in today modern world, its pays well to pay attention to body, weight etc...Divya Triphala Guggulu is useful in joint pain, piles and weight loss. Also useful in fistula and inflammations as well as chronic diseases.


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Fiber sources like fruits, legumes, whole grain and beans are must be included in meals. Increasing fluids along with fiber intake will help in regulating bowel movement. The body absorbs ointments slightly better than creams. So i would recommend using Anusol ointments treatment for piles or hemorrhoid

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