My piglet is sick, what treatment would be good for her to treat?

what shall i do treat my sick piglet? My piglet is 9-day old. She is standing for a short time and falls down because her legs straightened forcibly. she can't open her mouth causing her to miss her breastfeed to her mother. She is also suffering from fever.

Someone advise me to treat my pgilet with a penicillin but I think my piglet can not stay overnight if i will buy medicine or bring her to the Vet tomorrow since it's about late in the afternoon and because I noticed her sickness yesterday morning. 

I have a penicillin tablet, will this be good for her?

Since I'm just new in raising piglets I don't know what treatment would I give her.

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All vet offices have an after hours phone number. My advice is to call it and don"t wast any time abt it. You can not guess abt diagnoses annd treatments when it comes to an animals life!

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