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Termination of Parental Rights


A termination of parental rights means that the person who was the natural parent of a child no longer has any rights or responsibilities to that child.


Rights regarding a child include the right to decide what kind of education, health care, religion, morals and values the child should have. Custody rights and visitation rights are also associated with children.


Responsibilities include the duty to provide food, clothing and shelter for the child, provide all necessary child support, daycare, etc.

A parent whose rights have been terminated has the same rights and responsibilities toward that child as a complete stranger. Such a parent is not responsible for any support, nor is that parent allowed to have any input or influence over the education, teaching and upbringing of that child. In fact, a parent whose parental rights have been terminated does not even have the right to see or contact the child.

There are two ways by which parental rights may be terminated.


The natural parents may voluntarily consent to the termination of their parental rights, such as when an adoption is being permitted, and the child will live with new adoptive parents. Court approval is required for this kind of proceding.


Parental rights may also be terminated involuntarily. To terminate these rights involuntarily, the moving party must demonstrate that the natural parent or parents have abandoned the child.

Abandonment is demonstrated by showing that the parent has, by conduct continuing for a period of at least six months, either evidenced a settled purpose for relinquishing parental claim to a child, or has refused or failed to perform parental duties. A petition to terminate parental rights may be filed by either parent, an agency supervised by the Department of Public Welfare and providing adoption services, or an individual having custody or standing in loco parentis to the child.

Note: As a general rule, courts are reluctant to terminate parental rights when one parent feels that another parent is unfit. Even if one parent has lots of flaws, courts are hesitant to simply relieve a parent of his or her duties to properly raise the child and pay for the child's expenses.

It is extremely difficult to terminate parental rights, and courts will do so only in rare circumstances.

However, You will need to seek the services of a Family Law Attorney in order to sign a form stating that you are relinquishing your parental rights. 

I'll search, while you wait.

I read your question and then noticed your username is FeelingsHurt. Does this have any connection with your wanting to relinquish parental rights to your child?

Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about.

so one is going to give up her rights to her baby to me! i need to know how we go about this.



Are you interested in adoption? I am sorry you are having such a hard time if you would like to talk my email address is michelle.miller@pobox.com




Yes, you could contact Human Services and explain your siuation. They will take your child into cutady, find a Foster Parent untill they can adopt he or she out.

How can I terminate my parental rights for an uncourageable,difiant,emotional abusive, teenageager.

i have a situation about my husband cheated on me and there was a possibility that there was a baby involved. well a year later the child is now 1yr of age and now the other guy as her father and his name is on the birth certificate but the mother tried getting assistants with the state and found my husband to be a possible father well the DNA came back to be my husbands how do we go upon if he wants to give up his parental rights even though this other guy hasnhis name on the birth certificate. and its a year later what should we do and im looking for a fact not opinion please

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