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How do I get my pictures back?

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Well, your not giving us much to go on but if it had to do with transferring them (say to a flash drive) and now their not on your computer then remember to use the "Copy or Copy To" options and not the "Move or Move To" this option will move the original from the folder and apply it to the target location.. Copy or Copy To extracts a copy of the original and sends this to the target folder retaining the original in it's location folder.. Just click on the picture(s) again and using copy, send a copy back to the original folder.. If you can't find them and you haven't done anything to the original location that you took them from (that is closed then reopened) then you can click "EDIT" then "UNDO MOVE" this will bring them from that location back to the original folder.

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sorry you probably wont find it unless you know who the person is or look through those images. you should also have permission to use it.


This regressed with the most recent Firefox upgrade 3.0.7. Good news is the AOL Mail team has a fix for this that can be tested today at http://beta.webmail.aol.com. We plan to roll this out tomorrow to http://webmail.aol.com.

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Please let me know which AOL product you are using i.e. AOL webmail (http://webmail.aol.com) or AOL Software. If you are using AOL Software,please let me know the version. Are you referring to the pictures on your mails?

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