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How to pick up sts for baby knitted cardigan hood for sweater

how to attach baby hood to knitted sweater?  I have finished knitting a baby cardigan sweater and would like to make a knitted hood attached.  the gauge is 5sts=1"  where do I start to pick up (am going to crochet edges and buttonholes)  would I make YO's for holes to put drawstring thru? or make a rib and then stk st?  Would appreciate anyone out there to send pattern or answer to me.  Thanks so much.



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hi barbie my name is micki

what i would do is use a crochet hook to go thru the bound off stitches around the back of the sweater ( from shoulder to shoulder) or if that is too big you can move equal amount of stitches toward the center from shoulders.  just insert hook through the top of the stitch and bring thru the new yarn and continue to do this across the sweater and then slip the knitting needle thru the loops

if there are too many loops to stay on your hook while doing this you can put them on a stitch holder or transfer them to the needle as you go

let me know how this worked for you



Thank you for your answer, I will try out this method and I thank you for your response.



Thank you for your answer, I will try out this method and I thank you for your response.


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