Discuss Bill Compton's answer to: Pi = 2Tau or Tau^2?

If pi is double tau, is it tau squared or 2 tau?

I presume that you refer to Dirac Time invariance. 

T(0), T(1), T(2), T(pi) and T(h) are time invariants used to define the motion of spatial dimensions against the time dimension.  T [tao] is the invariant summation and has supersymmetry as part of the calculation.

This is a mathematically challenging concept but it is well worth the effort to explore it. 

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Rocmike you do know how to google and copy and paste but you do not have the intelligence to understand or apply it.


I wasn't referring to Dirac at all. I was merely referring to the appearance of the letters Tau and Pi as they're written in Greek. Pi resembles Tau twice but connected in the middle.

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