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I got an add in the mail for it, and did some investigating, Phytalife Caps is a big scam.  They say they can cure cancer, diabetes etc.   Apparently the FDA is investigating them, it's all false claims.

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If the FDA is investigating them it means the product probably does work.

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It's been my experience that claims made like this draw attention from Big Pharma and the FDA - if they work - and many do, they try to put them out of business!

Christine Larocque

There is a new version of the product: AFARejuvi.caps

The address in Milford is a warehouse, Prof Christopher Bordeleau does not appear to exist (no publishing of medical studies, see www.justanswer.com) the endorser Prof Laurence Hosti, a geneticist at the University of Lyon has not left a footprint there and nothing comes up on searches.  You may receive a product but whether it works or not.  I am a great believer in alternative medicine but this doesn't look good.

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