why is a compound wound DC motor so named?

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DC motors exist in these variants:

Shaded Pole (a magnet induces AC or DC to a three-coil armature and causes revolution.  These are small motors, used to drive fans and analog clocks, etc.

Series Wound Universal.  The field winding is wound one way and the armature is wound oppositely.  These motors are typically used in high-torque/short duration applications (starter motors, electric drills) where efficiency is the sole selection factor.

Induction.  An external field coil carries magnetic flux to a bi-metal armature.  Eddy current in the armature induces a potent diamagnetic repulsion and ferromagnetic attraction.  Repulsion/attraction results in the motor's considerable startup torque.

Compound.  We have three windings, one is the field in the stator, a starting coil in the stator, and a third winding in the armature. 


Compound Wound-Field DC Motors

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DC motor is best for constant operation.