Physical symptoms of anxiety attacks?

What area some Physical symptoms of anxiety attacks ?
I work in a governmental open office and have been having off days where I panic about my environment. I work myself up even more worrying about how anxious I am getting.
I spend hours wasted between toilets or pretending to have to visit other departments.
Do you know of a website with helpful information about the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks and some help in overcoming anxiety attacks?

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Hello d2earth, these are some physical symptoms of anxiety attacks :

- Palpitations and pounding heart, and accelerated heart rate,

- Excessive perspiration accompanied by chills and / or hot flushes,

- Shivering, trembling or shaking,

- A tightness in the chest and throat areas, including discomfort and even pain, accompanied by shortness of breath / difficulty of breathing

- choking sensation,

- nausea, stomach cramps, upset tummy

- dizziness,

- profound fear of losing control or going crazy

These physical symptoms of anxiety attacks are often linked with a build up of  psychological stress due to daily events and pronounced stressful events - losing employment, getting divorced, changing cities, losing a loved one etc.
Many people are not aware that panic / anxiety attacks can be controlled and that they can live a better life.

I had a family member who suffered most of physical symptoms of anxiety attacks for years .... eventually they found help on the internet - physical symptoms of panic attacks and help .


She is a changed person, got her life back (she was unemployed and lived with us for years) and swears that their all natural method helped her overcoming panic attacks. She now lives on her own again, found new employment - not easy for someone in their forties. Her quality of life has improved dramatically.

I hope that helps with your Question about the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks ,

and I wish you all the best for the future.


Hi Rachel,

thank you for the answer,

the link to the website is fantastic, and thanks for the list of physical symptoms of anxiety attacks.


Bless you.

































































































































The physical symptoms of social anxiety disorders are more noticeable and frustrating than psychological symptoms. 

Some possible physical symptoms of social anxiety disorder might be:

1.    A pounding heart or a tight chest
2.    Palpitations (an abnormal awareness of the beating of the heart, whether it is too slow, too fast, irregular, or at its normal frequency)
3.    Breathing difficulties
4.    Swallowing problems
5.    Difficulty with talking
6.    A shaky voice
7.    Excessive sweating or hot flashes
8.    An upset stomach and/or nausea
9.    A dry mouth
10.    Confusion

and others.

When you have a social anxiety attack you will experience some or many of these symptoms. For more information you can try this following link:

Some of the physical symptoms of anxiety are shortness of breath.  An overall tenseness.  Needing to move around or stay put.  Fear of most everything.  This is called General Anxiety Disorder and lots of people have it.  I don't know of any reputable website that can help you with this but I suggest you contact your doctor and start from there.  Perhaps, see a therapist along with your doctor and something will happen to help you to feel better.  You can try herbal remedies but I do not know how helpful they will be.  I am not a fan of herbal remedies when it comes to disorders such as anxiety, etc.  I hope this helps.

Social anxiety disorder can happen to anyone due to end number of reasons. It can only be cured by doing some meditation. Deep breathing exercises are excellent for anxiety and many people report positive results from meditation. Some other natural anxiety remedies to look into are St.John's Wort, SAMe, L-Theanine, and Tryptophan.

I know the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks very well. My last one was about 4 days ago.

I use an anti-anxiety medication which doesn't always work for me. What helps more is to remind myself that this is a part of my life I have to deal with. I let the bad feelings run their course. I try to get to a private place and hug myself and gently rock back and forth. It may look strange, but it provides an outlet for my nervous energy to be released.

Try incorporating exercise in your life: 1 hr or 30 minutes 3 times a week. No fast foods, and take st. john's wort (it is for anxiety)


ADD: I have visited the site and found it very informative. thanks again for the thread.


How do you get through your physical panic attack symptoms?

I get panic attacks and I want to know What do you do to calm yourself down during a panic attack?


ADD : After struggling for quite a long time, I have finally taken Rachel's advice and decided to pay for it. I will never regret it, I got all the info I needed in basically no time. Fantastic!


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