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Why are the switch blade knives so associated with ...

One of the main reasons switch blades are illegal, is because of the speed in which they become a deadly weapon. You can hold one closed in your hand, concealed; and in a fraction of a second can become a deadly weapon. In the early days, many a policeman was killed while attempting to arrest a ...

Network devices (Switches)

Do you mean SFP port? We are Manufacturer of SFP optical module. Gigac International Technology Co..Ltd http://www.gigac.com MSN:Gigac_sales005@hotmail.com Email:sales16@gigac.com Hope you find your answer.

Cetirizine OTC switch details

Hi Sanjay. I don't understand your question. Can you clarify?

Ethernet Switches

Industrial Ethernet switch is designed for tough and rugged environment, redundant topologies with fast fault recovery and wide selection of media and bandwidth. Non-industrial Ethernet switches are commonly used in residential, small network and offices.