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How can I help to stop my dog from over whining ...

how can I help to stop my dog from over whining? She is only 10 months so I understand that she is still learning and still has the puppy attachment to us, but my Dad can't even go to the toilet sometimes without her crying-HELP!

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It sounds like you've accidentally trained your puppy that whining gets attention, food, etc. All the things he needs to survive. This has nothing to do with Spoiled - please don't mix value judgments into the problem.

If you are sure there is nothing wrong with your puppy, then you need to totally ignore him when he is whining. Totally. No correcting or yelling as well as no petting or feeding. Preferably, don't even look at him. Turn your back if he escalates to pawing or jumping.

Be aware, that it will get worse before it gets better. Whining has always worked before, so he will try even harder at first. He needs to learn that the way to get attention is NOT by whining.

This means you do pet, praise, hold, feed, etc when he isn't whining. I don't know how bad he is, but you may have to work to catch him not whining. 

At first he may start to whine as soon as you start to pay attention to him - he thinks that is what is required at this point - so be ready to CUT OFF your attention to him as soon as he starts to whine. Like a switch being pulled, immediately look away, stop talking, petting, feeding, etc. Pretend he isn't there, until he stops whining, then immediately continue interacting with him.

He needs to relearn what behavior gets him what he wants and needs and that whining is now counter productive.

Good luck to you and your puppy

Hi mac

Hopefully you're taking her on walks EVERY DAY. Its imperative to a dog well being and balance and the bond between you and your dog.

Does she only whine while she's alone?

At 10 months she should be potty trained, walked every day.

1.) Exercise

2.) Disipline

3.) Affection

"E.D.A." In that order.

Also, by giving walks, she has an oppertunity to socialize which is VERY important. A dog NEEDS rules boundaries and limitations. If they dont have that, they'll usually find some way of obsessing or being distructive, barking, whining etc.

in my business, I come across all kinds of different quirks with dogs. most are easy to fix if the owner is willing to do the work. but it HAS to be every day. Not just once in a while.

Id love to help you more but I would need to know more.

I live in California. Where are you? If I could see the behavior, it would make things SO MUCH easier.

Well, hope Ive helped a little.

Good luck.

Sincerely, F.A.B. ~Micki~Wink


Also, Kab is right. If you cater to her every time she whines, she'll know exactly how to get you to move to HER will and her control, not yours.Wink

Sincerely, F.A.B. ~Micki~Wink


I've always heard the best way to stop a dog from barking or whining, is to ignore them when they do it.  Don't give them your attention in any form, because that is exactly what the puppy wants.

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