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One aspect of puppy care is grooming, which ...

One aspect of puppy care is grooming, which includes bathing the puppies. At what age is it recommended to start giving puppies a bath? How often should puppies be bathed? 

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I usually dont give them a bath until at least 8 weeks. By then they pretty much NEED one. Make sure the water's warm but not hot. Just like a baby. Keep the puppy warm, make sure he's dried off. After that its pretty much up to you and the type of dog, the hair, how often grooming is needed.

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The sooner you start getting your puppy desensitized to baths, the better.  A puppy 8 -10 weeks old is old enough to be bathed.  That does not mean you have to use shampoo.  It could be nothing more than helping them learn to relax in a tub of warm water, while you simply pour the water all over their body and massage them.  Only use the mildest shampoo you can find and use it only if you really need it.  Most shampoos will dry out your puppy's natural oils.  Don't bathe your puppy, unless they need it...but do get them acclimated to the process while they are young and small.  Spending the extra time now to teach your puppy to enjoy a bath, will save both of you a lot of stress later on!  Make sure they get toweled off well so they don't get chilled.  In addition, be sure you dry out those ears to prevent ear infections.

Being a dog is fun. Being a GOOD DOG! is even better!

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