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How often do you need to walk a Pug dog? Do they need to be walked every day or can you do it less often if they play inside a lot?

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All dogs need to go for a walk every day. If you don't let them vent that energy they will tear up your house, clothes and make life miserable. Secondly, going for a walk imprints on their doggy minds that you are the pack leader and they are the follower. You don't want them thinking otherwise.

ANY dog should be walked EVERY day. just having a big yard to play in isnt enough. For one, the walk bonds you and the dog (He should never PULL you) and second he's able to get out for a while. Call it (Pups turn) or whatever but they love to get out and smell even if its a controlled walk. You can take him to a dog park. And you both get some exercise.

Seriously, it is very important for you to walk your dog every day for at LEAST 25-45 mins.

Always remember, as one of idols says..Recipe for a dog is 1.) Exercise 2.) Disipline 3.) Affection IN THAT ORDER.

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Hope that helped.Smile

Sincerely, F.A.B. ~Micki~Wink


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