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We are planning to adopt a 7 week old puppy and we ...

We are planning to adopt a 7 week old puppy and we already have a three year old dog that is house trained. Would it be helpful to take both dogs out to the bathroom at the same time? Would that help the puppy learn faster or would he benefit more from individual attention?

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Hi Samantha!

Yes! take your puppy out with your other dog. If you other dog is well balanced, he'll show him ALL the ropes. But, YOU still have to be the pack leader. Its also great to start training your puppy ASAP. Puppies have REALLY short attention spans as they venture out and explore but you HAVE to set rules, boundaries and limitations. Talking to your dog without actually speaking goes a longg way. Using hand signals. My dogs can look at my eyes and know exactly what I want from them.

Again, yes, your pupp will learn faster. What you dont want is your puppy picking up any bad habits from your other dog. So if there ARE issues, try to get a trainer or a couple of Cesar Millan books to help you.

Good luck with your new puppy!! Im jealous!!Wink

Most Sincerely, F.A.B. ~Micki~


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