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My dog has stopped eating his normal food, yet still whines for biscuits and treats. How can I encourage him to eat his regular meals?

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Stop offering him treats.  One he realizes that he cannot manipulate him into only giving him cookies, he will eat his food.  No dog ever forced himself to starve to death just to get what he wants.  You have to be strong.  He will eat what's good for him once he gets hungry enough.

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Great answer Pattie! Thats exactly right!! Couldnt have said it better myself! Thumbs up for your answer!!

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I agree, I'd stop with the treats. But you may want to add some variety to his diet. Do you give him the same food over and over again, maybe he is bored. I have about 3 different varieties I like, about every 3rd bag I get a different type.

Stop giving him the treats and biscuits. Good luck.

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